Life starting to pick up…


The following are the two directions I had been pondering about for months at a time prior to 2019, which had been keeping me from being 100% in either direction, which, opposed to other life choices, will drastically change the outlook of my life.

Retail Professional
More mobility – Don’t have to work full time Safe $ wise for mistakes                                
Easier to move from one job to the next (not only time wise). All 120 hours of the week will be sacrificed for job.
Could live in a new place every year. Can afford to travel further away
More time to explore while traveling. Will have less time to explore
Freedom of choice not to stress about staying competitive.  Freedom to relax for longer periods of time without intellectual growth. Will need to constantly grow and stay up to date, especially in my field.  
More time to reflect/introspection.  Would have more time for blog. Potentially, surrounded by like minded, bright people, which would be essentially better for growth.
Can’t live alone, well unless I am living in car(#vanlife). Would have $ to live alone.
Wasting more time stressing about my parents thinking about my well-being.  It’s exhausting. Less time thinking about my parents thinking about my well being, though this is more of a letting go, mentality issue.
Retirement could be harder. Retirement is an option or at least would easier.
Health would be harder to maintain. Health would be easier to maintain
Would never have an anchor or at least it would take more time to obtain.  Lose the freedom of choice. Would be able to afford to buy an anchor (house).

While, very balanced, I decided to take the professional route, also after my first semester into my Masters at Towson University, things started to take motion.  You could say I have mapped out a plan until the end of August 2019.  In reality, all I really need to do is execute it.

In other news, I switched part time jobs.  In late, 2018, I had turned 26, which means I am no longer eligible to be covered by my parent’s health insurance so looking outward at jobs that would cover health insurance for part time hours, and I noticed that Starbucks, REI, Costco, Whole Foods and Lowe’s all offer health packages for part time employees.

From this list alone, REI had my eye.  I stay up to date backpacking gear wise and have experience in the field, but I knew at position with REI would be significantly more competitive.  REI, not only has fewer stores, but I have also noticed (from the past year of scanning their career’s page for openings) that they have two designated hiring times during the year so I applied to Starbucks.  Starbucks called me back in a mere two days after submitting my application!  To be clear, my focus on just Starbucks was influenced.  The plan was to first apply to Starbucks and then if they were not hiring, to then apply to Costco, Whole Foods, or Lowe’s.  Apache was the influence.  Katie (Apache) had worked at Starbucks for years and while she lived in Maryland, I visited the store where she worked several times in Edgewater, near Annapolis, MD.  From what I noticed, working at Starbucks gave off a partner vibe, or rather, for lack of a better expression, an in-this-together culture vibe that I quite honestly envied.  She had also spoke highly of her experience throughout the time I have known her.

The funny thing about this switch is that this would be the perfect job to have retail wise, if I were to take the retail route.  Since Starbucks has more than 27,000 locations worldwide, this could enable me to be mobile and travel every year or so to a new store and be covered health wise as long as I averaged 20 hours a week.  While my main motivate for my switch was the part time health insurance, here are some of the other benefits as a partner at Starbucks worth mentioning:

  1. Part time health benefits (Need to maintain a 20 hour/week average).
  2. Free 16 oz bag of coffee every week.
  3. 30% off merchandise/food/drinks.
  4. Free Spotify!
  5. Free drinks 30 minutes before/after and during your shift (The amount per shift depends on the store/management from what I have been told).  There are more than 999 million possible combinations!
  6. One free meal item per shift.
  7. Stock options (All Starbucks employees are hired as partners!)
  8. 401k with a 5% match after first 90 days.
  9. If you are working at least an average of 20 hours a week, there is an online Arizona State University program that Starbucks will pay a portion of for your first bachelor’s degree. From my understanding, you pay half upfront, then get reimbursed for the rest after the semester ends via a check, though don’t quote me.

I have now been working at Starbucks for a little more than one month and I have to say, so far so good.  The store has exceeded my expectations, though to be fair, my positive experience could be very well be based on the superb management.  My boss and the current store manager at this location is honestly one of the best bosses I have ever had.  He is very level headed, more of a leader than a boss, and to my surprise is younger than me.

Besides work, school is going well.  Due to mostly my impatience with the seemingly slow progression of the Computer Science Master’s curriculum, I am taking some self-paced online courses mainly on Udacity on the side.  They are also good for refresher courses.

Growth wise, I am continuing to read…or rather listen.  Right now, I am listening to, “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.  Honestly, this is a must read for in my opinion, everyone, especially for those in retail.

Physically, I could do better.  I want better, “but” as many excuses start, I also want time for everything else.  😂  No need to tell me the benefits, I am keenly aware, and will be forever reminded every time I open my to-do list as it has and will carry over until death as a quadrant two objective, the not urgent, but important quadrant.

Mentality wise or rather emotionally, I am good.  I am definitely more mellowed and back in the groove of everyday life.  I no longer feel as if I am wasting energy, in other words, I am more intentional with my time.  I continue to plan trips, though will likely not be able to plan any trips further than the bordering states of Maryland considering my very limited free time through September 2019.  That being said, I’ll likely not have another blog update regarding my mental, physical, and emotional self until September 2019.


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