I’m very sure this trip was during my solo January North Carolina Trip. This might be the first time I have flown somewhere by myself for a solo trip since my Appalachian Trail thru-hike, which in my opinion was a very needed trip. I planned to fly solo this year seven more times, though as the world knows, covid19 cancelled those travel plans. Now that I have an apartment, I’m likely to travel next year every other month, unless my employer would still require a quarantine for out of state travel. While travel prevents burn out, I would rather not impede any timelines.

First time through, I thought there were two crossings with suspension bridges

The suspension bridge was the reason I initiated to going here and I have mixed feeling on whether or not it was worth. Though, if your looking for a place to prep for an upcoming hike, there are an intense number of stairs here. Why go to a gym for cardio when you can come here? If I lived close to a place like this, I would cancel my gym membership and hike here every day after work.

Conversation with strangers is often one of the reasons I hike, though when I’m there, I’ve noticed I keep the conversations short to continue with the rest of my day. While I enjoy the mindset of hitting the ground running throughout my solo travels, I think it would be more fulfilling for me to plan for more time on pausing when the moment is good. I’ve put my focus here before, but not so much the action. My close friends have been over this again and again with me before. Unfortunately, this behavior is rooted pretty deep. Looking back, I know I am much better than I was. For instance, now I am self aware of it. While, I do try my best to avoid conversations where I’m not entirely present, there will be these cycles of autopilot where I am too busy to keep myself in the present. Yes, not engaging or fixing my engagement at the moment is the best course of action, but unfortunately for everyone involved sometimes those moments, I am low energy, which in most cases is as of a result of either a burnout and/or a derailment from my normal routines. Anyway, if you’re engaging with me and it feels like I’m not there, know that I am working on it. If you’re close with me, let me know at that very moment. I may recoil or become discouraged for a moment, but respect you in the next.

NameTallulah Gorge State Park
LocationTallulah Falls, GA
Trailhead/Parking34.740276, -83.390369
Trail NameNorth Rim Trail
Tallulah Gorge Trail
South Rim Trail
Hike Length1.8 miles (Loop)
AllTrails LinkTallulah Gorge and North and South Rim Loop Trail

Side Notes:

  • Bathrooms at the trailhead🧻
  • There is an entry fee though I think there are parking lots on the other side of the gorge that do not require the fee.

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