Good Habit Scripts

Avoid Spending Money Online when Home:

  • Never save credit cards to websites to use later. I type it in every purchase I make unless it is subscription based purchase.
  • Leave wallet in car.

Run + Audio Book + Outside Time:

  • After work, drive directly to run spot (for me is an old railway that was built into a bike trail)
  • Change in parking lot.
  • Run (mind-set to run at least 20 minutes. I usually run longer, but to not intimate myself I keep it short).
  • Listen to audio book while running.
  • Drive home (silent drive to reflect)
  • Leave shorts and shoes in car to be sure I don’t have any future obstacles for future runs.

Weekly Laundry + Meal Prep:

  • It’s Sunday
  • Put laundry into wash
  • Go Grocery Shopping
  • Get home
  • Put laundry into dryer
  • Cook (Meal Prep) either listening to music or an audio book.
  • Fold Laundry

Weekly To-do List:

  • It’s the beginning of week – Sunday or Monday normally.
  • Look at previous week, check and cross out of the tasks I have done that week.
  • Circle the ones that need to be rolled over to the next week.
  • Write down the circled ones from the previous week on to the new week.

Meal Prep to Cut Time Shopping + Expenses:

  • It’s Sunday
  • Plan meals for the next week
  • List out ingredients to buy for set meal plan
  • Shop for those ingredients only

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