Day 11 (Mile 102.2 – 125.3):

Spent the majority of the day so far hiking…obviously but also introspecting. I was thinking what it means to be a good human. The differences of those who take life more seriously than those who do not. To become the best human you can be, not only for yourself, but the people, and world around you. To make the world a better place for the future of your family.  To be strong for your families and secure positive futures for the children so they can repeat carry out positive influences/futures for their children. Not the same as what society expects of you, but to be your best in what feels right to the individual. How important it is for everyone to help each other be the best humans we can be for generations to come.

Anyway, besides these thoughts, I took some time listening to my audio book “The Defining Decade”  It is a short book so I managed 13 chapters, 9 of which I have already read in the physical book.  This helped my continuous moderate pace so I pushed a 23 mile day to essentially make it to my next resupply point and zero day sooner.  I had been itching for a my next shower.

I made it to the shelter at 8:30pm…which is very very late and to my surprise, found I had been the first one there. This shelter was dead in the middle of the trail and probably 10 feet from a water source. Quite the the rarity. Made camp (relieved I did not need to set up tent in dark) and ate a small meal before bed.

I feel it is important to mention that I have not met one fake person thus far on the trail, all real and I have been fortunate enough to take part in some of their conversations. The trail culture in a way brings back my faith in humanity.  There exists genuinely great people in this world. I can see why many section hikers enjoy the trail culture so much and come back as often as they can.  I obviously cannot mention all those in this blog so a recognition of those will have to do. Thank you for opportunity of another inspiring place.  I am forever grateful.

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