Today is the first intensional zero day I will be taking to rest up mainly, but also to take a closer look at my body carefully. I am mentally still strong, but my physical self is still struggling along.  I am very tempted to check out some of the activities here.  The NOC is known for their white water rafting, but there is also some zip lining as well too!  While those seem fun, resting is in my best interest so that is just what I am going to do…along with some laundry and catching up with close friends. =)


Met a southbounder when I went out for another salad that gave to some amazing advice for hiking in the summer when the time comes.  To hike in the mornings, take a break in the middle of the day and hike a little at night to avoid the real hot parts of the day. Why would there be a southbounder now? Well if you did not know there were forest fires in North Carolina in the fall when most sobos finish.  He is simply finishing the trail he could not finish in the Fall.

Got a raincoat! Happy to find something just as light as my poncho.  It has a stuff pocket too!


Side note: It still cracks me up that even though people heard the blood curdling scream from the night from sleeping in the privy, no one bothered to check on us to see if we were alright. There must have been 15+ people at that campsite too and I confirmed 3 people heard the screams.  I can’t help but imagine what they must have been thinking at the time…lol  Maybe: “Oh the screaming stopped, they must be okay.”  The first thing that came to my mind was that a bear or rodent the size of a raccon had somehow climbed over me on to the guy next to me, attacking him.  I think back and I remember being horrified and now humored knowing people heard and did not bother checking.😆

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