Day 15 (Mile 152.8 – 163.9):

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Easy day today…probably best for my knee issues. Spending night at resort hotel since the post office is closed on Sunday.  Yeah I know what you are thinking, but there is a thru-hiker discount for a room for here for $80 and on top of that we split it 3 ways. The day hours for the post office are pretty weird: M-F 11:45am-3:45pm so tomorrow I really have no choice but to cut my day short…another nero. I however will not be spending it here tomorrow. There is a really nice shelter two miles down the trail with showers and outlets. It may be the nicest one on the trail, but I do not know for certain.



Talked to Mountain Goat (took a picture above so I could remember the conversation), exchanged music, and numbers. He and I have very similar work life situations except he has been on his journey much longer than I. Similar views and desires too.  It was nice knowing there are more people like me out here and managing to live out their lives the way they want to.  Work to mainly pay for the next adventure.  I still have some things I am not willing to give up, but who knows the future, I might end up like this guy.

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