Day 17 (Mile 177.0 – 189.0):

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Shorter day today than planned but the center of the Smokies are definitely as hard as that south bounder I met said they were.  I was on the fence to go on further, but it was 3pm and the next 5.7 miles were going to be just as bad as the past 5 miles. I also got in late last night so I did not want to not enjoy my evening again.  Yes, I feel like I am justifying my actions and I am, but at least I get to enjoy my time in the Smokies…laying out in the sun!


Met Apache (Katie)…thankfully another person to have met and vibed with on the trail. Good conversation, shared/traded some music, and good general overall vibe.

Fun fact: Today, I realized the base color of my rain jacket is a dark green and not gray. Lol =D

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