Day 22 (Mile 217.1 – 229.6):

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Late start today. I wanted to leave with people, specifically NPA and Gains so they could at least identify my body. Jk, but I seriously had no idea what I was doing hiking in those conditions so three minds was better than one in my mind. Left camp at 12pm.  Not eager whatsoever putting on cold, still wet clothes. That took a good 45 minutes to do.  Ate a hot breakfast then cold lunch. Cliff bars taste better frozen.


Luckily the day warmed up…downside, the snow melt rained off the trees and there were puddles everywhere so feet are still wet.



I was thinking, even though yesterday was rough, being cold for those last miles was my fault. I neglected to consume the calories and water I needed so my body could make the heat it needed. Next time I will know better. Hopefully, there will be no next time though. I mean I started in late April to aviod this shit.

Side Note: It was really stupid of me to take my gloves off yesterday just to take a photo. Those views though were killer, almost literally. ^^


NPA Calulated Trail Days and we need to do 20 miles a day starting tomorrow to make it to Damascus, VA May 19th…so no more zeros for a while for me.  For other AT hikers reading this, it is not uncommon to take shuttles to Damascus for Trail Days.

Some English and Iranian hikers at tonight’s shelter were talking about how nice people were in the United States…mind blown. Now, people are definitely nice on the trail, but that is certainly not true everywhere here in the United States.

Side notes:
– I haven’t set up tent since day three.
– Break the Raman in half before opening the package. I am picking up small little tricks day by day. =)

Heading to Standing Bear Hostel tomorrow, not to stay, but to pick up mail drop and maybe if they allow me to without spending night, to dry my clothes.

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