Day 33 (Mile 377.4 – 393.7):



Today was a very fast paced day for me. I aimed to get to town an hour before the post office would close in Roan Mountain, TN, close time being 4pm.  I managed to get to the road at 2pm, with two hours to spare.  Starting at 8am for the day, I managed a 16 mile day in six hours.  I really wish today I didn’t need to rush because in those 16 miles, I climbed a total of five beautiful balds.


Mainly due to poor planning, I took a taxi to Damascus, VA for Trail Days.  Here a bit early. I am glad I got a good layout of the place in my head. Don’t really know anyone here now…well I got here at 8pm and it being dark, it was hopeless to keep looking so I decided to camp in the quiet area.  Quite roudy by the way everywhere but the quiet area. You can hear the music and screams very well from here.  Anyways, while it was still light out, I ran into Bigfoot who is the guy I followed the most while preparing for this trip. He makes very clear informative videos and I was very happy to meet him. I believe his channel name on YouTube is “Follow Bigfoot” so check him out when you get the chance!


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