Day 102 (Mile 1375.9 – 1393.6)

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This section of New York has been very sporatic. There are some really flat easy going sections, but some where you’ll be looking for the next trail blaze and realize there is a blaze 30 feet or so directly straight up from where you’re standing.  Also, I have noticed that this section was not very well marked.


Ran into a hiker I have not seen before. Mistook her for a thru-hiker, but she had just been doing a section. Apparently she was from New York city, just graduated from nursing school, and decided to go on an overnight by her self for the first time.  Talked for a while. I didn’t mind too much the change of pace.  Never got her info. but not really necessary. I’m just glad I got to meet another interesting person on the trail. To move from one inspiring place to the next simply.

Went through the lemon squeeze today!  Yes there is a side trail but gotta stay true to the trail, plus it was quite fun. Here is Fuckit making his way through:20170726_145103

Very fortunate our backpacks were not so bulky.  Right after the lemon squeeze, there was some rock climbing I did not hear anything about. Much harder in my opinion than the section after Lehigh Gap. It literally took me a good 10 minutes to figure it out. Fuckit wanted to tell me how he did it, but I let him go ahead because I wanted to figure it out myself. Fuckit and I have similar paces.


We ran into some other hikers and found out there was a park that had showers and snacks not too far off the trail so we made way for that. It was a good move for myself since I had not taken a shower since Deleware Water Gap, PA.

There was a icecream vending machine there with a credit card slider and I had four total things of icecream.  If there wasn’t a credit card slider, I can guarantee you that I would not have had many as I did. The icecream though was moderately priced at $1.50.20170726_164743

There are tons of blueberry bushes here on the ridges in New York. I am suprised I haven’t seen a bear here yet. All the bush on the ground in this photo are blueberry bushes:20170726_185736

I very much like how open the woods is in New York. Not too sure if one can notice the difference in my photos.

Side Note:
– Pulled off my first tick from the inner thigh area on my left leg. It was quite small!

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