This day was a bad day to trust the weather forcast.  It down poured a total of four times today. First time, I wore my rain coat, next times I didn’t see the point.  The only bad part about the rain despite obviously being wet, was the rocky terrain. I needed to be extra careful. One misstep can equal being off the trail for good.

I have never seen this anywhere else on the trail, but it certainly helped with the current conditions of the trail.20170804_121721

Some trail magic, I assume for the south bounders, because it was certainly not dry south of me.20170804_12522620170804_145334

Family of wild turkeys. First time I have gotten them on camera, for they are more common than one would think. 20170804_154340

Not too pumped to wear wet clothes the following day.

Past some more farm land today…here’s some cows!20170804_144347

Side Notes:
– Mosquitoes still really bad.
– If it wasn’t raining, I’d sweat the bug spray off in a good 30 minutes. I don’t even know why I am carrying it still.


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