Day 122 (Mile 1675.3 – 1698.9):

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At view of an airport, met up with these two guys smoking a joint. Stayed and chatted for a bit. I don’t remember his name, but the unique story on how he received his name. He rescued a lost dog on the trail. We then talked about society. I remember saying I was very eager to return. Those two seemed to think quite the opposite, wanting to enjoy the last miles of the trail as long as they could.

Cool looking suspension bridge20170815_114032


Another view of that airport earlier, this time on a different mountain.20170815_120052

Stopped at the Clarendon Shelter for lunch. This campsite would be perfect for tenting. There has to be at least 50 flat grassy spots here. Ran into Disciple and Cur Dog leaving the shelter. We all had stayed at the same shelter last night. They had left about four hours earlier than I from camp, so I was a little surprised to run into them again so early in the day. Filled up water, forced down a liter of water with two of those Scratch electrolyte packets I purchased in Manchester Center and continued onward. 20170815_145901

Not too sure how old this sign is, but I have around 500 more miles to go!20170815_151827

Climb up Killington was brutal. It felt as the trail went on forever. Also, there were some sketchy narrow parts of the trail too.20170815_181459

The goal for the day was to make it to Cooper Lodge on top of Killington at Mile 1694.5, but I was feeling good so I continued onward! Oh by the way, there is a phenomenal piped water source by the Cooper Lodge. I even convinced myself I could make it to a campsite at Mile 1703.9 by VT Route 100 if I were to hike at night, but as soon as night fell, I quickly changed my mind. While hiking at night is very doable, it is not worth the risk of possibly injuring myself this far into my hike.

20170815_191613Made it to the next shelter, with the intention of just eating my dinner there, but decided to stay. Was talking to this guy at the shelter and he said his son was hiking the AT too. I asked what his trail name was and he did not seem to know. Then Speedy walks up to my surprise, and says that guy is his Dad. We catch up and talk about meeting later at the Inn At Long Trail if time allows.

Very happy I decided to stay, hours later there was a down pour.  More happy that I stayed in the shelter instead of a tent.  I tend to not get up as early when I wake up in a wet tent.

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