If I remember correctly, Suzi had work today so I had spent the majority of the day with David, though we did visit her at work. Not too much security at that hospital. =/

Suzi put some of that tea I liked out for me to enjoy for when I awoke. Here is that mason jar with the maple syrup I mentioned yesterday!20170820_091545

David treated me to some breakfast at a diner in town. I wish I took more photos. I was still in my head. Like I said earlier, I wish I was more mentally available to focus on what was in front of me.

20170820_165401Picked some of the red potatoes from their garden. More like I watched…I was very interested in learning how David for example dug for the potatoes. I realize this is basic, but I really don’t know. This is something I’d like to learn on my own when I have the land to have a garden, but the extent of my gardening skills is to tomatoes from when we had a garden at my parent’s old house. Well we have one now, but I do not tend to it. I learned about their learning experiences. Even David’s and Suzi’s opposing opinions. David mentioned you could use material as cheap as tyvek for the ground cover (for the weeds), but Suzi mentioned the problem with tyvek is that it is made to be water proof so the only water going to the plants will be to the cut outs.

Suzi also mentioned that if you use the potatoes the same day you pick them, when the moister is still contained within them from the ground, they taste creamer. Spot on! They were delicious!

Went out for ice cream!20170820_195757

Suzi and David are perfect for each other.20170820_191955

I would like to take the time and thank Suzi and David Madison for their hospitality! It was a warm welcomed stay and I would love to visit again in the future! Thank you! 🙂

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