Day 130 (Mile 1781.9 – 1792.0):

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This was a very chill day or at least after I made it to my next mail drop location. What I should have done, was mail my box to the hostel across the street. I was in a little bit of a rush today getting to the post office in Glencliff, NH. There open times are M-F 12-2pm so quite the small window of time. Knowing me I did not get up early and when I finally met the Omelette Guy, I wish I had more time to spend there and talk to him. I had heard about this guy hundreds of miles ago. So basically this guy has been making omelettes for thru-hikers for free every day since May! Insane! Right?!?  There was more than just omelettes, but clearly omelettes was what this guy was known for…20170823_105302

The Omelette Guy: How many eggs do you want in your omelette?
Me: How many do people usually get?
The Omelette Guy: Well I have had people request from one to twenty-eight eggs?
Me: I forget my reaction, but I am sure it was something the lines of “Holy Shit.” 😮
Me: I’ll have three then.20170823_103403
Me: Who holds the record?
The Omelette Guy: A girl named Summer Camp.
Me: Oh I met her close to the beginning of the trail. She recommended me to read/listen to “The Martian” (which I had not at the time) When did she pass through?
The Omelette Guy: I have a trail journal, let me check.
The Omelette Guy: It looks like a few weeks ago.
Me: Oh wow she is really far ahead.
Me: Why do you do this?
The Omelette Guy: You get to meet a lot of people that you would not normally get to meet. I have met quite a number of foreigners. There were other reasons, but I do not remember.
Me: I can agree with that.

After looking at the photo of three egg omelette…can you imagine a twenty-eight egg omelette?!?  Sounds like an all day activity. 😮

Hikers Welcome Hostel20170823_170153

After I picked up my package, I went across the street to check out the hostel across the street. I am sure I planned to go further this day than I did, but with combination of the very large package I needed to organize into my backpack, the fast paced day I had to get the the post office between the hours of 12-2pm, waking up at 9am (along with stopping by The Omelette Guy), Mount Moosilauke up ahead next, I made the decision to stay at the super chill hostel.



20170823_173846Got some grub later at the Roadside Grill. I think I had a burger.  I don’t remember if they were good.  I do remember them though taking a long while with the orders though there were a lot of people here.  This is the place the hostel drives people for dinner if you sign up to go.  They also stop by a gas station on the way back I believe.  I remember buying lottery tickets while Pheasant Melon, Dozer, and Umbrella Face were picking up a resupply.

I found out Cur Dog and Disciple were staying here. They did the Moosilauke slack pack the hostel offers there the day I arrived. I had the chance to talk to them more. Curious, I asked Disciple what he did prior to the trail. I asked him if he did a job that where he lead people.  He was hesitant at first to say for understandable reasons, but said he is a minister.  I was like oh that makes a whole lot of sense.  Also, explains the name a little more in detail.

Bat flew into the hostel late when we were watching “The Departed”. It flew upstairs where the beds were. We were honestly unable to find the bat that night, but left the windows open.

Side Note:
– Warning: The Hikers Welcome Hostel will try to scare you into a slack pack with them for Mount Moosilauke north to south. If you were able to backpack the entire way here, there is no need at all for your to slack this section. The section is strenuous for sure, I just wanted to make a note that the people running this hostel are over emphasizing the difficulty of this section.

Props to this guy:20170823_101621

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