This trip is part of a larger trip in California back in May 2018 with a friend and travel companion, Karen. I have been meaning to write about this trip for quite some time, but I am a little hesitant. Not that the trip was a poor experience, but because the trip was perfectly executed (we make a good logistics team). You could say, I didn’t want to revisit this trip with anything less than perfection.

Unfortunately, as time passed, my memory of my exact thoughts about the trip between photos has fallen through the cracks.

This said, I have decided to tackle sharing these experiences in approachable partitions on a hike to hike basis.

If you look carefully in the shot, you’ll notice a group of pelicans flying by.

Cactus right by the ocean

If I am remembering correctly, I believe this was our last day, day of our flight back to Maryland.

Found some Sea Otters

…as well as this crab

I love the contrast in colors between these shots. The rocks above sort of look like sleeping otters.

I remember thinking that I should have worn boots trekking this far out from the beach. How did I know I was wearing sandals? I took a photo of my feet and I didn’t delete the photo, meaning, I was thinking ahead, making myself a mental note. Same reason I do not delete screenshots from my phone nor my weekly to-do-list. From those screenshots, I can remember my thought process from such event. From my weekly to-do-list, I can see my progress and remember every step I took to get from there to here. The photo is essentially the key to the memory. Also a great tactic with work, though for your protection, it would be wise to encrypt those photos. This is of course nothing new, but it really makes you think. Something that even you may from time to time take for granted. Before modern computing and smart phone cameras there was keeping a journal. Now all you have to do is take a photo, a photo that can instantly be saved to multiple servers (“the cloud”) ensuring your photos and memories are never lost. What a great time to be alive!

NamePoint Dume
LocationMalibu, CA
Parking/Trailhead34.004584, -118.805622
Trail NameN/A
Hike Length< 1 miles (Exploratory Hike)

If you are interested in reading from Karen’s point of view our travels, here is the start of her blog posts for the Cali trip: Traveling With A Friend Of The Opposite Sex It’s a good read. I recommend it. 🔥

Side Note:

  • The parking is very sparse. I would recommend getting there early or taking an Uber/Lyft. We were lucky to get a spot out of the five available there.

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