This particular waterfall destination was not planned. I just happened to see the sign on the road this falls was off of on the way to Tallulah Falls during my trip to North Carolina in January 2020.

If I haven’t mentioned this yet, I have been forcing myself to take a trip once a month so I do not burn out work wise. It is also a good reward system. I am not spending too much to be honest, but they are short so if I want to cover a lot of ground, I pretty much have to hit the ground running. So far the flights round trip have been less than $100 and the car rentals $15-25/day if you were curious. More on this later…I might even make a page on my process.

This particular waterfall was more of a series of cascading waterfalls, though with much more flow than normal, from what I have seen online after the fact.

NameGlen Falls
Location35.030914, -83.238584
Parking/Trailhead35.033269, -83.235660
Trail NameGlen Falls Trail
Hike Length2.4 miles (Out & Back)

Side Notes:

  • This is the reason why my last post was so short:
    • I have been slipping up lately on my commitment to myself to work the full half day that is necessary to keep these posts consistent.
    • The combination of having to recover a Sunday from the little too much to drink at my friend’s engagement celebration last last weekend, the incredibly busy work week last week, and my recent trip to TN/AL did not leave me with too much time to work on my blog. I don’t see myself missing a post, but I am afraid the length and quality of my blog posts will suffer. This weekend though, I have allotted time to work on my future posts. : )

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