Roaring Run Furnace Falls

This was the last destination of our late March 2020 trip before returning home. As I’ve said before in a previous post, this trip was as a result of cancelling our flight to North Carolina due to the still current pandemic before the travel ban, but didn’t want to cancel our trip all together so we decided on an area close enough to drive to. Fortunately, I keep a map of all of the places I’d like to one day visit. So we simply, picked an area that had a group of those destinations close together, which so happened to be an area between the two cities, Charleston, WV and Roanoke VA.

I can see this being a popular place in the Summer for swimming. There was this one section in Roaring Run (the stream) for about a 50-foot stretch that looked completely reasonable to slide down without issue, though it should be known that further upstream is a farm with cattle.

Natural Water Slide

NameRoaring Run Falls
LocationEagle Rock, VA
Parking/Trailhead37.706489, -79.893208
Trail NameRoaring Run Hoop Hole Trail
Hike Length1.4 miles (Out & Back)

Side Notes:

  • There is a loop version of this trail 1.7 miles long, but Hope and I decided to stay along the stream there and back, for we wanted to stick out feet in the water in this one spot on the way back.
  • There is a map of this hike on AllTrails under the name of the trail.
  • There isn’t very much else upstream past the falls unless your looking for a quiet space to read.

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