One of Maryland’s (Cascade) Waterfalls

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I grew up in Maryland, went to school in Maryland, and now have a job in Maryland, so when I have off and don’t want to travel far, I have a few options, this waterfall (more like cascade) being one of them. As a Marylander, this is a popular place to go so it might be a little crowded here, depending on the time of year. I don’t know why this is a popular place, but if you don’t have many options, are passing through, want an easy hike with kind of a view, or want a place to read then this is the hike for you.

This particular visit happened to be last Fall in 2019, which happens to be the last time I have been here. I realize that you are going to think, I do not have high opinions of the location. I do not. I am not a big fan of touristy places. The trails feel more like walking in a zoo than in the woods. Another reason I am not a fan is because this is a popular location, there is a built out walk area with a deck and benches to essentially preserve the area, but it does not help. The location where the deck ends is not that great of a view, so people will leave the constructed walkways and attempt to get a better view, as you can see below is still not all too great of a view.

Though this is not a place you will find me, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be for you. Maybe you will see another perspective that I couldn’t see or find beauty in the sound of the falls that I couldn’t hear. I can see this being a good spot to sit and read with a cup of coffee if you’re into that sort of thing. If I was the person I am today back when I was in college as Mount Saint Mary’s University student, I would have definitely visited more.

NameCunningham Falls
LocationSmithsburg, MD
Parking/Trailhead39.627714, -77.463929
Trail NameLower Trail (Red Blaze)
Hike Length1 mile (Out & Back)
AllTrails LinkCunningham Falls Lower Trail and Cliff Trail Loop
This is a link to the loop option. We took Lower Trail in and then back out the same way.

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