Can’t seem to think if a good title and way too busy for any context. ha 😅 Well, I’m more burnt out than anything else. Like the type of burnt out when coffee doesn’t anything, so you resort to a red bull for the first time in about a year. Honestly though, this brings me joy. My job brings me joy too so I’m not too sure what this funk is. Feels like a think fog.

Anyway, this was the hike I hit up this past weekend, Sunday morning. I did not plan this hike into my weekend. This just happened to be the parking lot I choose to sleep in the back of my Jeep in on the way back from an off road 4×4 trail. It wasn’t until morning, I realized just how popular the hike was, so I thought I’d check it out.

One of the best views I’ve seen in Virginia. The funny thing, is that this view is 0.2 miles off the Appalachian Trail. I really passed up a spectacular view on my thru-hike! Speaking of which, I met, three thru-hikers passing through in a two-three mile section. They started super early. In comparison, I started two days before, April 16, 2017.

On the way back down, I noticed there was a gradual way back down on the AT that was about three times longer, so I went ahead an went that way. I was way too tired from the hike up and didn’t want to risk falling. I’m thinking I might be getting out of shape, but I hiked past the three thru-hikers without issue, so I’m not too what’s going on with me.

The deets…

NameHumpback Rocks
LocationRockfish, VA
Trailhead/ParkingHumpback Gap Overlook
Trail NameHumback Rocks Trail – 1.2 Miles
Appalachian Trail – 2.6 Miles
Unnamed Trail Connector – 0.3 Miles
Hike Length 4.1 Miles (I don’t know why AllTrails reads 3.8 Miles)
AllTrails LinkHumpback Rocks Loop Via the Appalachian Trail

Side Notes:

  • Hope was supposed to be on this trip. I’m a bit disappointed she couldn’t come, but it was probably for the best she didn’t. I had the time without distraction or pressure to test my Jeep off road and I think I would not have even attempted making it down to meadow knob with her. It was nice to see the abilities of my vehicle. By the way, side hills are super sketch. I know the car can handle it, but a 16 degree off camber really feels like you’re gonna roll down the mountain. Not going to do that again for a while. That aside, that tippy feeling, going off road was pretty fun. It was cool driving through the creeks going down Dunkle Hallow Road. Felt like I was in Jeep commercial as Dan said the previous weekend on Peter’s Mill 4×4 trail.
  • I did bring my camera, but the photos didn’t turn out the way I wanted so I used the ones on my phone. Getting better, not quite there yet.

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