Lately, I’ve been spending my time thinking about the next thing. Yeah the Jeep and what I’m doing with it is neat, but something is missing. I feel the need to make moves on medium sized goals within my larger goal of accomplishing financial independence (FI). As of late, I have become obsessed about the larger goal, correlating all directions and choices with those goals, which is normal when chasing goals, however to the degree where I feel as if I have become a slave the mission so I need to find something else to be excited about while I inch closer towards those larger goals of FI in the background, as well as give myself some leeway. I could die at any moment, therefore everything I’m paying forward could be in vain.

On the flip side, I thought a bit about going all out into snowboarding, as in the something to distract myself from the grind, however thus far while improving, I couldn’t help the feeling of procrastination. Don’t get me wrong, I want to learn how to snowboard, but I can’t shake this feeling like I should be doing something more productive with my time. For instance, I enjoyed the drive more to resorts each weekend than the actual resort, which I am sure had to do with the amount of audio book content I had been consuming. This is actually quite sad. I might have a productivity addiction.

I do not know what change I need in my life yet, but I need to know for certain so giving in to my potential addiction, I made moves to set up a personal computer on that standing desk I had mentioned in the previous blog to set myself up for more growth. Plus, this will allow me to take on extra work. For example, I have been meaning to play around with Iron Python, AutoIt, and Robot Framework to hopefully increase the test exposure of PariMAX’s Class3 and HHR games in addition to pyautogui with tesseract. I also need a better way to track passed/failed tests. A few other interests that fall under the QA (Quality Assurance) umbrella with Python include Appium for mobile apps and Selenium for web apps.

I did prefer to isolate this type of work, at work with even less distractions, but as travel restrictions loosen, it is more convenient to keep this desktop environment at my parent’s, since my parents insist I take care of their dogs when they are out of town.

Breaks are important, so I hope to write my blog during them. Maybe you’ll see more of them. 🤷🏻‍♂️ One can only hope. Exercise breaks are even more important, so I’ll be sure to keep up with that as well. If I really need a break from the noise I’ll hit up another ski resort or take another weekend getaway with myself, my Jeep, and I.

Friends I’ll have to make more time for. Hope for a while might have been the only non-family member friend I’ve seen outside of work since Fall (northern hemisphere), though I did recently get off the phone with Conor about hanging out soon.

Side Note – The pic above was taken by Apache way back on trail. She has an odd gift of taking good photos of me. 😛 I do assure you, this photo does fit the subject matter of the blog post, it’s not just because I look fantastic. 🌊

Anyway, I promise the next blog will be a dope hike that you can add to your list to check out. I’ll keep myself to those little excerpts I had in the past, below the hike detail table if there is anything in the future to add. 😃😁🔥

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