Day 6 (Mile: 37.4 -> 42.9):

Taking it easy today. Still recovering but did not want to take another zero day.  Everything is going down so no issue with food. Happy to have an appetite finally.  Want to take a moment and thank  the staff at Misty Mountain Inn & Cottages. Greg…I think that was his name was on point and took us to stores as needed to pick up food. Thank you! I will definatly be back if in the area!

Met two people Jeff and Sal at the Low Gap shelter I stayed at.  Jeff looks like a mirror image of a roomate of mine back in college, Andrew and if that was not weird enough, Sal looked like Zach, my other roomate…I remember not getting over that for a while. Anyway, they were some more cool peeps on top of all the other amazing people I have met thus far.  Met Dr. Fix It for those of you who know him. All of his equipment and system is made by him for him…most unique so far…may take some of his ideas.

Woman I forgot the name of but lent me her phone of the first night when I was unable to recieve a signal from the GPS communication device (Parents making me carry…yes it is dead weight but useful at times when trying to figure out the up and coming weather), taught me the stretches I very much needed to know for the IT-band.  So gonna be stretching every morning and evening from now on!

Side Note: Lots of people calling me, “Makin Bacon” so I am afriad this will stick as my trail name.

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