Things learned thus far:

– Bear Spray dead weight.
– Sunscreen is pointless in the green tunnel…which is the AT.
– Filtered, but mountain water tastes better than store bought hands down!
– The day is short and I have been using all of my time to take care of myself and talk to all of the interesting people on the trail…so recording the day, day by day has not really worked out.
– Word of mouth travels fast!
– Hikers don’t shake hands…air fist bump. NORO VIRUS!
– Less weight triumphs conveniency to a more extreme than planned.
– Stretching everyday is extremely important…those IT-bands can really limit your daily miles.
– There is a character limit for notes on my phone where I have been editing these journal blog entries.
– I may not be able to post photos alomg with my blogs. Have yet to figure it out.

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