Day 8 (Mile 58.2 – 73.8):

Rain all day in 50 degree weather.  Very fortunate I have been moving shelter to shelter. You really start to appreciate, like really appreciate the roof over your head. The shelter I am currently in has 3 floors, I am on the top and there has to be at least 15 people in here. People here are so chill. Found myself talking to the much older people though about how f’ed up society is…I was really hoping to get away from all that here, but it was nice to hear other opinions and all the solutions that will not get executed due to our currupt capitalist society. Planned to stop at the hostel at Dick’s creek gap but they were full so I just took a little break there…got some laundry done. Oh! Lucky I was there in time for free hamburgers and hot dogs…I managed to get two of each!  Rumors are probably right about ToG…I noticed the vibe people mentioned on reddit, but despite all that the staff was really friendly!  IT-band was…is still limiting my miles, but I have been very fortunate to hear what I can do for it from all of the people on the trail and off.   I stretched my hamstring for the first time at ToG so with all pain i recieved from stretching that, I hope that has fixed the issue.  Have not set out my goals for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be another day of rain. =(

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