Today was quite the long day. Cool weather
-talked to Marlin (an older guy in his late 60s) about how corrupt people are in the united states not looking out for one another…how it’s bullshit people look at for example software engineer with respect and a waiter with less…. Helped move the long journey today much faster.

Knee better…not getting worse at least.
Staying in a unfinished privy with one other guy.  Rain has not been pleasant and staying dry is a constant struggle.


Gazelle texted me she is calling it quits. I am trying to motivate her back to the trail.  She got off 12 miles ahead of me I believe to take a much needed zero in Franklin.

11pm the guy sharing the unfinished privy with me started yelling like he was being attacked. Scared the fuck out of me. Apparently a mouse had crawled arcoss his face. It is 3am now and I still can’t get back to sleep b/c everytime I imagine how easy it is for anything to walk in here and do whatever.  Nice guy so I do not blame him but the experience was horrorific.


5 Replies to “Day 9 (Mile 73.8 – 93.6):”

  1. Macon

    Your Mom sent picture to me.
    Very awesome!
    Keep going…. you can do it!!!!
    When your in New Hampshire let me know

    1. Quite a long time away but sounds good if I make it that far! I have photos on my Facebook publically accessible if you happen to be interested in other photos.

  2. That was indeed a terrifying dream/wakeup! Sorry to ruin your night’s sleep – hopefully the comedic value of the story outweighs the lost night’s sleep in the long run.

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