Day 19 (Mile 202.5 – 206.8):

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Hiked to Newfound Gap pretty fast.  Roads started to get closed off due to high winds (apparently up to 100mph) so the police had shuttled us down from New Found Gap to Gatlinburg.  I think they are actually pulling people off the trail as well.  The gusts are pretty extreme already.

Ate at Mellow Mushroom for the first time…learned that I have been calling a snake bite the wrong name for a good while now.  Black velvets and snake  bites look very similar in my defense.

Gas stations are starting to become a luxery.

Rooming with NPA and Gains…spent most of the day with them…very chill people…TONS of good laughs.

Highly recommend anyone that is near this town to try the moonshine testing at Sugarlands…the others are good too but this one is the best.  =D =D =D All the flavors beside a few were amazing!  You will fall in love and it will change your opinion of moonshine for the better.



After the two moonshine tastings we started bar hopping with eight other people I think. Don’t recall all names but that might be for the better. I am expecting a hang over on my zero day…can’t wait to eat next! Hiker hunger is for realz! Gotta get some of that waffle house breakfast food!







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