Today is a zero. No hang over suprisingly…might be immunity from being a thru-hiker. Lol =) The winds are not bad, but it is likely snowing or freezing raining in the Smokies right now.

Rates of the rooms have gone up b/c someone named Dolly Parton will be parading through Gatlinburg today.

Side note: Found out not too long ago that Mountain man and Sprout are apart of this youtube channel called, “Raw Alignment.”  Seems like a pretty popular channel.  Splitting room with them tonight actually…8 peeps here.


Mellow mushroom again ^^


Hung out and walked around town with Apache.


Frightening event: I was not present, but Apache apparently encountered a black bear wondering around where she was staying at Quality Inn.  She is safe just to inform!

Roads to Smokies opened late this evening…over a thousand trees are down.  Was thinking about a flip flop but no need to do that now. Will be hiking tomorrow morns even though the temps are still low.  Iching to get back on the trail.

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