I will be neroing in town at Elmer’s Sunbank Inn in Hot Springs, NC.  I have heard a lot of good things about this place including the vegetarian food here. This place is $25/night (Including Shower + Private Room + access to all of very cool rooms + the books within them)and I believe it is inside the oldest house in town built in 1840.  It is a Vitorian style house and I managed to get a few photos of the inside!








Ate some very well priced food (<$3 for a very good burger!!!) at the Smoky Mountain Diner, picked up my maildrop, did some laudry (at the first laundry mat I have ever been to in my life), went to library for that free wifi (to talk for an hour to my favorite person =) ), and now chilling on the porch of the house I am staying at with the other guests.

Side Note:
Laudry was much needed. This is the first time I washed my clothes. All the other times, I had only dried my clothes to save time and get back on the trail, which could be the cause of my chafing.


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