Day 26 (Mile 273.4 – 281.8):

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Awesome breakfast at Elmer’s!


Gains caught up to HotSprings. It was nice to see that he is alive. Gains got Nero the last day we were in the Smokies, recovered and is taking some time in HotSprings, NC.

View of HotSprings from the north


Turtle! 20170511_122618

Forest fires seem like a problem in the south. There are more fire scares north of Hot Springs along the trail.  All the same stories too from the locals. Some kids lighting a fire in the woods.

Nats are real pain in the @$$ today. Walked with out trekking poles just to wave them out of face for a good mile.  The bug spray is going on tomorrow!

It is now 4pm and I am not feeling so well.  I hope I did not get sick again. :/  Resting by US Route 25 to see if I feel worse.  Hour and a half later I got over myself, put my headphones in, and started walking.

Did some math on one of my other long breaks during the day and I need to do 16 miles/day if I want to finish by mid September, excluding days off.  I also, need to start forcing myself to eat. I am afraid I am not eating enough for the amout of hike I put into everyday. Also, if I am eating right (everything in my day bag), I be able to essentially more easily push myself.  Common sense, but this blog is also for myself.

– Just like there are many different shades of colors throughout the day, I am starting to notice the change of smells throughout the day.

My tent if anyone was curious what it looked like. Will be sure to start tenting cooler spots.  I just noticed that it looks like my tent is floating from the outside.


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