Day 27 (Mile 281.8 – 293.0):

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Left camp late, 10am, mainly to avoid packing up my wet tent. Hopefully, this doesn’t start being a thing.

Started listening to Mastery by Robert Green.  Two chapters in and starting to think this book should be a requirement to read for students as early as high school. I wish I read this in high school to better prepare myself for the world.

I had my headphones in pretty much the entirety of the day so I did not hear the thunder. It is now down pouring but luckily for me, it started raining just as I was feet away from a shelter. I only planned to stop here for the water source, but it looks like I will also be staying the night to keep dry. I knew it was going to rain, but I did not realize the intensity.

This was a neat idea:20170512_155216



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