Day 29 (Mile 315.8 – 336.5):

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Left camp relatively late again at 8am.

Big Bald Mountain was way cooler than Max Patch!

Forgot to mention Gazell is back on the trail, I believe at this time, it will be her 2nd week back.  Probably will not be too long until she passes me again.

Lots of butterflies out today.


Saw a mountain spring today just coming out of the ground bubbling up on the AT.  Ah…the small things in life are starting to assume me.

Ran into NPA suprisingly at the “No Business Knob Shelter”. Apparently, when I doing 20 mile days, she had been doing 14ish.  I could have sworn I was a day behind her.

Shoolo (That Slovenia guy I met earlier) started another fire tonight.  Much faster this time since all the wood is relatively drier than last night. Noticing my clothes are starting to smell like smoke. The alternative is like shit/my Bio so I am very interested in building more fires. Also, I got to buy the supplies for making smores b/c Shoolo has not had them or even heard of them until tonight. The supplies would clearly be more weight, but well worth it if Shoolo keeps building fires.  Everytime I see a fire, I am thinking about roasting some marshmallows.


I was thinking about just passing on Trail Days since getting fucked up does not interest me, but everyone I have been running into is like, “If I do not see you down the trail, see you at Trail Days.” So…I may start looking into shuttles, maybe from Roan Mountain, TN or Hampton, TN depending on my progress and how close I am to the date, May 19th. Will be in Erwin, TN tomorrow morning to put time and place in perspective.

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