Day 30 (Mile 336.5 – 342.7):


You know your the first person on the section of trail when you’re the one running into all of the spider webs.

Today is a nero and I am staying at Uncle Jonny’s Hostel.  The first one that I will be staying the night at. Chill atmosphere.


Thank you David and Suzi very much for the light rice crispy treats! They will go a long way on the trail! =) I will let you know when I am near New Hampshire. I will be in New Hampshire around mile 1600. I hope I make it that far. 20170515_135420.jpg

There was a cat at the Erwin post office by the way.20170515_133802

Shuttling to Walmart on the Hiker Yearbook short bus:20170515_173555.jpg

Best way with this many people.20170515_193029.jpg

*For people who would like to look at the posted images more closely, one can open the image in a new tab. *


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