Day 32 (Mile 358.6 – 377.4):

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As much as I want to believe the answer is a yes from the woman I asked out prior to this adventure, I need to think of the alternative. If this answer is a no, I would want to find a means living somewhere else.  Away from any continous effort on my part to keep trying.  Plus, I have already poured my heart out writing that twelve page “love letter” (small pages). If that did not spark anything, there is no point in wasting her or my time further.  I am still thinking of a few places and what I would want to do in those places so these thoughts are nowhere near concrete.  If no, I would like to leave the comfort and security of my home area to essentially grow further into the human I wish to become.  Those comforts will stunt my growth. This is not a matter of opinion, this is a matter of fact for those parents at home reading this blog.  At home, I revert into my old self, living based on the ideas I grew up with, not exploring my own.  As mentioned earlier, I would like to take advantage of my high calorie intake, and work at a gym for a while to learn more about the human body and essentially take better care of myself.  Further, not mentioned prior, I would like to if possible find the money to fill in holes I have missed and perfect my skill set in computer programming.  I still would like to find and explore another skill, but doing away with my current skillset based on previous work experiences seems well…stupid.  I would also like to aquire this knowledge set with a tutor. My ego gets the best of me in class room environments and I honestly concentrate too much on the social aspects. I as well can communicate and absorb better with an one on one.  While I should probably not multi-task too much, I would also like to take cooking classes as well. Particularly, first, how to make sushi. I spend way too much on sushi and it would be great if I could assemble it myself.  I would prefer to take this class with a lover, but if that answer is a no, I am not going to hold myself back from new experiences and knowledge.

Can’t feel my back. The skin on my back and it is only the skin on my upper back.  Weird but I might have to do with the backpack always being on my back.  Not sure if I should be worried.  Will update likely when I become worried. =P


There must be a correlation between elevation and pine trees. Oh I love the smell of pine trees. 🙂 20170517_191330

3 Replies to “Day 32 (Mile 358.6 – 377.4):”

  1. Keep going …….
    When your done you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the next chapter in your life!

  2. Hey MaconBacon, it’s janessa the girl suzi mentioned in the letter with treats! I’m a little behind reading your blog as I have been on vacation. just wanted to say “Be here Now” while reflecting on future endeavors is a good idea, especially while you have tons of time to think, don’t forget to be in the moment. 🙂 I made that “mantra” while I was on the trail myself.
    P.S. Your pictures are wonderful! So beautiful

    1. Thanks 🙂 Yeah sometimes I find myself in the zone solely focusing on my phone, oblivious to the world around me to make sure certain thoughts get down. Tradeoff at this point, but yes thanks.

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