Day 31 (Mile 342.7 – 358.6):

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Slow start to today leaving Erwin and took a nap in the middle.


Ever wonder if the people you have been conversing with on the daily are all figments of your imagination?  These thoughts entertain me on my hike especially when I am hiking alone for a good bit.  The people are certainly real (I hope), but the thoughts linger especially when someone I am hiking with disappears from behind me. Not uncommon on the trail. I certainly walk faster or drift behind a group when I for example, need to defecate.  These thoughts though, are they here to comfort me?  How does anyone know if anything outside their thinking self is real?!?  🙂


Fellow hiker, if it appears I am waiting for you, I am not being polite, I am simply waiting on you for a sanity check.  I explained these thoughts to NPA and now there is this running joke that she is just a figment of my imagination.  I need to express these feelings to Gains.


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