Hiker Parade moments before down pour:Screenshot_20170524-175958

This day was the least clear to me because I was not feeling well the majority of the day likely due to coffee icecream drink I had with breakfast and the down pour I was not prepared for in the middle of the day.


-Breakfast with Apache at Mojo’s
-Hiker’s parade…poured 5 minutes in so cold and wet for the next couple hours without proper gear to back me up.  Took shelter at the library until the rain had passed.
– Apache had a car rental so we went to a movie not to far away to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  I heard good things, but it was way to over done in my opinion.
– After the movie, I took a nap which turned into sleep, but had to get up quite a lot for the bathroom.  Felt pretty trapped…to feel sick in the middle of a all night party. Had to use headphones at one point at night to make the suffering…well…easier.

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