Day 36 (Zero):

Woke up to water in tent. Only item wet was my sleeping bag, which I was sleeping in. It is starting to scare me how much I can sleep through. Anyways, to prolong getting ready for the day, Apache and I did breakfast again at Mojo’s.  If you are in Damascus, VA, Mojo’s is the best place to eat and get coffee in town. I highly recommend the Cali BLT.


Later I tagged along with NPA on her errands to eventually hitch hike back to Roan Mountain since we both came from there.  While walking to the grocery store, I thought for some time about hitching in the rain with NPA and decided to just call a cab for the both of us.  Call me weak, but thinking of the logistics for that trip alone with the rain was exhausting.  Trail days certainly took a lot out of me.

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