Day 38 (Mile 409.7 – 427.0):

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I can now tell something is wrong.  I feel fatigue, which at first thought was understandable since I am getting back into the routine of hiking and didn’t get much sleep, but I now have a fever and my throat is now sore so I must be sick.

Side note:
I should have given the Zpacks Arc fit more of a chance, but I could not stand it another mile. I made adjustments, altering it back to the way I had been using it for the first 400 miles without the arc.

It was raining all day and my only goal for the day was to make it to the next shelter to rest because I was increasingly getting more and more tired, although I never found the shelter…not even a sign for it.  I use my phone for my location/map (Guthook), but my phone had been dead for this part of the day (Died right after the picture of the waterfall).  I eventually gave up looking and grabbed my power bank at the bottom of my bag to figure out what the hell had been going on.  When I finally figured out my location, the shelter was 2.6 miles behind me.  Since, I was now 4ish miles away from town, I decided to hike as fast as I could to town and rest there.

After a hot shower and getting into some dry clothes, I was starting to realize I may have strep. Upside, there was a clinic and pharmacy walking distance. Downside, I have no idea how long I will be off trail.

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