Strangly craving my trail food for today as if I had missed its repeatativeness. Though, it most likely because I have already paid for it.

I can’t tell if I am in pain today from the adjustment Zpacks made to my bag or if is because I have been off the trail for 3 days and need to work back up my trail legs.  Today is certainly going to be a low mileage day.


Made the mistake of not stopping for water today (Lots of water sources today). Had enough for food, but less than a cup for consuming after. I was just really craving it all night. I wasn’t able to sleep and had the same nightmare over and over I think about buying a house I did not want to buy…it was mainly a nightmare because I would continue to dream the same thing and in the next dream, I would convince myself it was real…ah just typing about it makes me itch.

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