I was really on the fence today. I do not feel 100% but could have hiked today. You could say I am playing it safe, but being sick is not my only excuse.  Today it will be in the late 50s temperature wise, raining and tomorrow will be in the late 70s, raining.  Undesirable weather will always apart of the trail so in this situation I am guilty of playing the comfort card.

Anyways since there had only been one guy on staff here, I decided to clean and organize the hostel kitchen. I do not have a before photo (it was pretty bad), but here is the after:20170525_103653

Not too uncommon for myself to organize an unorganized space.  Depends how long I’m in the area to be honest.  This is not to be mistaken with being nice.  I simply, due to my own weaknesses one could say, don’t have the patience to be in an unorganized area for very long.

If I wasn’t hiking the AT, this choice of food for the day would be quite problematic.  To be fair, there was not a lot of healthy options here in this small town…yes I should have tired harder…oh well. =P20170525_130647

Finally, figured out how to get new music off the trail with just a smart phone.  You will need access to your file system so you pretty much need an andriod phone for this or a jailbroken phone.  DISCLAIMER: Definitely illegal.  This website handled everything for me:

Side note: I have never paid for music in my life. Likely also true for most millennials.

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