Day 41 (Mile 427.0 – 442.9):


I stayed at the Breamar Castle Hostel in Hampton, TN for the record.

That moment when you dump all your tap water for mountain spring water.  The water is incomparable to any tap or bottled water I have ever had.

Naturally, meeting very many people on and off the trail and just realized there are many strangers with candy on/off the trail and I have accepted candy from every single one thus far.


Hints of the smell of celery while hiking the rolling mountains today.  Maybe I am craving celery. The other day I was smelling lasagna.

Stopped at 4pm…could have kept going but met some cool people at the shelter, one starting a software engineering position in June at GM…so it was nice tech talk with someone on the trail. It has been a while.


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