Day 43 (Mile 458.8 – 475.8):

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I was thinking it was good I cut my day short yesterday. Those seemingly servere thunderstorms last night did not stop until at least four in the morning, starting as early as 7pm in the evening.

Early this morning…FINALLY MADE IT TO VIRGINIA! =D20170528_103725

Looking forward to Mount Rogers coming up. I have heard a great deal about the wild ponies.

Stopped through Damascus probably around noon for Food City (grocery store) and of course again at Mojo’s!


Since, I was to be in Damascus on a weekend (due to getting sick earlier) and did not want to waste time awaiting for the post office to open, I informed my Mom to hold the package for Damascus, that I will just resupply at the grocery store in town.  That being said, I not only resupplied but made sure to get my vegetables (some fruit as well) in, all in one sitting.


I know what you are probably thinking…this looks like the opposite of Day 40’s meal:


The men’s bathroom seems to be my destination. 20170528_115847

I am starting to realize I rely too much on my phone for entertainment when hiking, receiving a feeling of dullness towards the trail when I am not listening on my phone.  Music does help my motivation though through the shitty weather.  And with audio books, I am able to think about the new, rather than having my day-to-day thoughts on loop.  More on this later.

My body seems to enjoy 16-18 mile days. Twenty mile days are certainly doable, but not on continuous basis.

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