Day 42 (Mile 442.9 – 458.8):

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Saw a bear this morning, much larger than I have ever seen. Caught it by suprise so I only noticed it when it made the immediate turn to run away from me. The sound of its steps was heavy.  This being said, I must have encountered a bear on day two while in Georgia. The sound and shape were very similar. The only difference was that today I was able to make out the ears and face.  The first only looked like a dark blob.



Later this morning, I needed to walk through some cattle. I really did not realize the amount of farm land I would be passing through. I was really thinking about my timing too. For the herd to be right in front of the section of the gate that allowed hikers to cross over. After getting on the other side of the gate (where I felt safe) I took some pictures.


I easily could have pulled a hike to Damascus today with my pace but my water source and break point had LTE (rarity for me to have service period even in towns: T-Mobile) so I spent a good amount of time…like two hours on my phone before I was fed up with myself for being addicted in the first place.  So, I cut my day short, hiking to the next desinated camping spot.


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