Day 45 (Mile 490.9 – 513.4):

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Very long day.  Today in fact was the first day in a while I did not have music playing at all for any part of the day. I have been using music during the tough times such as rainy days and for a while, it had gotten to the point where I was relying on my music to make progress resulting in a dull feeling towards the trail when I was not listening to music. After today though, I am confident I can motivate myself in other means without the music.


Caught back up with NPA a little bit past Mount Rogers. I had lost her when I took my two zeros in Hampton, TN. Turns out that she took two zeros as well but in Damascus, VA to hang out with a close friend off trail.


Hit the 500 mile marker!20170530_195556

Met some chill people including a guy named Aquaman at Hurricane Shelter that was willing to trade music.  I have not listened to the music yet, but I am always open to new music especially when I do not have time to explore for new myself.

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