Day 46 (Mile 513.4 – 532.4):

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Searing pain in butt area hurting. Stretched my hamstring and that relieved the tension or at least I no longer experienced the pain the remainder of the day. I also slowed my pace.  I was wondering when the next problem I would have to fix would happen.

As normal I have continue to day dreaming an extensive amount about exclusively dating.  I do realize my expectations too will never really match with the reality of the actual.  Though, I enjoy the warm thoughts I have about what could happen. It is fun to think about honestly especially when you have the seemingly limitless time out here on the trail to brainstorm. Clearly, I need to communicate and ask what they also want/expect out of the relationship though…can never assume. Obviously, this all goes under the precursor if she is even interested in the first place. =P

Texas Dreamer bought everyone pizza at Partnership shelter. You can order pizza(not limited to just pizza) for delivery to the vistor’s center here which happens to be next to the shelter. This may be the coolest shelter I have stayed at thus far (Did not stay at “The Hilton” at Fontana Dam). There are even showers, although cold water only.


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  1. Hi Macon,
    I want to share something that my Dad explained to me when I was a teenager that made sense then and now. This theory applies to all of the relationships that you will ever have in life, romantic or plutonic.

    A relationship is like a card game across a table. You put a card down, they put a card down. As long as the pile is even between the two of you the game continues. When one or the other stops putting in the game is over.
    In a relationship you share a little at first and see if they reciprocate. If they do then you share a little more and so on. If they stop putting in the pile you have to decide if you want to continue putting in for a little while longer or quit the game. If you put everything on the table all at once you will overwhelm the other person and they will end the game. If you keep putting in when they don’t you will get your heart broken.
    Hope this gives you something to ruminate on while you are treking.
    Suzi Madison
    (Mom of Sam and Rice Krispy treat maker)

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