Day 48 (Mile 544.0 – 550.8):

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Started out the day very late, leaving Atkins well after noon.  I would like to take the time to thank the couple who offered and drove me back to the trailhead from town. Thank you! It is very much appreciated!

Before heading back to the trail I filled up on lunch. Good food.  Sat with a guy and his son (didn’t catch their names) section hiking the AT in impressively large chunks.  Mainly shared hiking stories. They mentioned last year they saw tons of bears in the Smokies when this year I personally saw none…didn’t even hear of anyone seeing them.


I knew Apache (Yup Apache caught up real quick) was aiming for a specific camp site, so instead of meeting further down the trail, I decided to cut the day short and set up camp there, which happened to be the 25% mark of the AT. Along with Apache was Forest and Luna, which I have met before, but got to know better.

Very short day but it was nice, especially with our various attempts at starting a fire.

Forest using a propane stove in an attempt to start a fire.20170608_131306

Side note:
– Found out today that NPA will be getting off trail and coming back for her brother’s graduation mid-June.
– Lavender Oil works wonders for burns.


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