Day 49 (Mile 550.8 – 569.5):

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Longish hike today even though the orginal goal today was twenty-eight miles.

Traded phones with Apache for each other’s playlists. It sucked while hiking up to our meet up point because my phone is my map and that climb was long. Her music was decent…good opportunity to explore. ^-^

Two guys hiking the trail south mentioned there was no water at the water source at Walker gap and dry for the next 7 miles, but when I checked for myself, it had been flowing well out of a pipe.  I’m not too mad but everyone else that cut their day short based on that information will be pissed the next morning when they find the water source flowing at the bottom of the mountain especially if they had to walk the half a mile back for the previous water source.

Long conversation with land owner that was doing some construction back in the woods by Walker Gap (where Apache and I camped) about seriously giving Christianity a thought if I was seriously though interested in the truth. She recommended I read the book of John and watch the movie, “Luther.”  If the reader is at all interested in my current beliefs, I am Agnostic.

Religion has not been a big part of my life besides the Christian holidays my family gets together for. Not even sure what my parents are. If they are religious at all, work must be their religion. =P  With realization this can be a touchy topic (to each their own), I am not going to further  elaborate my beliefs on here. If your interested in further elaboration, talk to me…just don’t assume

Have been having a hard time keeping up with the blog since Apache has caught up along with Forest. I am also pushing more miles with them, or at least attempting more miles.  I need to remanage my time better so I can make sure everything I want to get down gets down.

Fire with b-roll (Jason) and Apache. B-roll was saying he ends the day with a fire every night…and he vlogs…I have no idea how he has the time everyday.  His vlog on YouTube is called, “Appalachian Jason 2017” for those interested.20170603_203652


Side Notes:
– Those owls last night needed to get a room…they were going at it all night.

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