Day 51 (Mile 590.1 – 592.3):

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Left the motel pretty late and it was raining so we decided to nero at the closest shelter we (Apache, Forest, and I) could hike to.  Since we got there early and Forest had service, Apache and Forest decided to watch Forest Gump. I said I wasn’t going to join, but ended up doing so anyway.

After the movie and more people started to show, we naturally socialized.  I more though stuck to my corner trying to make sure all my blogs were ready to upload.  As mentioned before, I haven’t had very much time to myself to organize my thoughts into my notes on my phone.

Side notes:
– Weed is extremely common on the trail.  Already common knowledge. I just wanted to officially let the world (well the people who follow this blog) know is all.  I have been offered at almost every shelter.
– Forest needs to be a stand up comedian. The material he comes up with on the spot is perfect.

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