Day 50 (Mile 569. 5 – 590.1):

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Did not feel like hiking today. This is also a dry stretch so I needed to be conscious of my water intake. I probably drank five liters today.


Ran into the guy that said there was no water (He is slack packing).  Another occasion where I should have just kept my mouth closed…people get really defensive when you point out their wrongs.  Must have been the way I said it.  All I said was that in the future, make sure you check the water source before you inform people its status. I was not mad. I mean since I normally have a hard time believing people and was not affected by his mistake.

Same people though were nice enough though for giving me a ride though into town so maybe the irritation I was picking up on earlier was in my head.


Split room with Apache and Forest in Bland, Va. “Put this Bible under your pillow, it may make you a better person.” ~ Forest

Dairy Queen across the street and had their food for the first time. Fries were good, but the burger didn’t stand out too much for me.  Naturally, their blizzards, what they are known for, were good.

I have been getting worse and worse at recording my days on the daily as I nornally do in this journal. Need to manage time better.

Not hike related, but my brother Jack just graduated high school!received_1599262266764300

Still haven’t talked to a single one of my brothers since before the trip,but they are on their own separate islands doing their own thing so I am not to concerned.  They might still think though that I am going to die out here. So far so good. =P




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