Day 53 (Mile 616.3 – 635.3):

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Very cold morning and I was still very tired from yesterday so I ended up leaving for the day a little after 11pm. I definatly will not be able to join that group we hiked with yesterday for the Chinese buffet tonight. Used Garmin GPS to text Apache not to wait up on me. I will likely get to town very late tonight.

Rubber on left shoe is coming off and slowing me down. I am starting to trip more.  Need to walk differently because the floppy peice of rubber keeps catching on things. Occasionally, Ill have even small rocks get caught under the shoe in between the rubber.

Need to repair these in town so I can last at least make it to the next town for my next pair. I have my Mom sending me them. I hope it doesn’t rain.received_1277204849044064

Met a lot of chill deer walking down the trail today. I probably could have walked up to them and pet them if I wanted to. 20170607_152222


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