Woke up early for breakfast, waking up everyone else in the process. Hardy’s was the only place open so that’s where we ate, we, being Apache and I. First time at Hardy’s for me. Learned that Apache worked at a Hardy’s for her first job.  I am not ever big on breakfast food, so Apache recommended getting a BLT. Very good recommendation.

I had been anxious all day but that could have been due to a combination of events such as the consumption of the energy (I have a craving for B12), the possible chance a close friend was on a date (silly and not going to elaborate), and just being off the trail in general even though the rest was so needed!

Spent a good amount of time getting my blog up online. The wifi was pretty decent at the motel we were staying at so I did not have too much trouble getting my photos uploaded.

Remainder of the day, we all (Apache, Forest, NPA, etc.) ate and hung out.20170608_204942

Taped shoe for the time being for until I managed to get to the next town. Hopefully, the duck tape will last. Forest thank you for the tape! 😗20170614_181438

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