Lone Growth

Day 56 (Mile 658.6 – 679.6):


The duck tape lastest longer than I was expecting it to, but it fell off, and has started to get annoying again, but not slowing my pace down too much. I am very much looking forward to my shoes in Catawba.


Found out today from another hiker I will need to hike through Dragon’s tooth with my shoe situation. This will apparently be a very strenuous part of the trail.


Look at this huge tree! Yes, that is my pack against the tree. 20170610_180824

Someone just accused these two people at at the shelter I was staying at of being a lier and a theif.  Not at all common on the trail. The people accused said that out of the 15 years they have been hiking the AT, nothing as crazy as that has ever happened before. Found out later that this guy has accused other people in the past of stealing his stuff and has the nick name Karma.

Started new audio book…so far it has been quite the humorous, but truthful read. Screenshot_20170610-110947

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